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The nature offer us This!

A real Beauty

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Cotton Wrap from EASTMARK

Our wrap is made of a special material that protects the cotton modules from weather conditions and dirt during storage and transportation. It works with embedded module construction technology, which allows cotton harvesters to form round modules in the field without interruption. The harvested cotton bale was developed to be resistant, reliable and easy to remove at the plant. It has an advanced RFID identification system and QR code to facilitate production tracking.

The baling of cotton is an essential step in the harvesting process, to maintain all the quality of the cotton.

Treated with love, by Eastmark Wrap

One of the difficulties of cotton cultivation is to preserve the plants from damage during the harvest season. Cotton plants are delicate and vulnerable to various environmental factors, such as wind, rain, frost, insects and diseases. These factors can compromise the quality and quantity of cotton fibers, which influences the profitability of the crop. Therefore, producers need to monitor the conditions of their plants and adopt appropriate measures to ensure a successful harvest and post-harvest, the need for full protection of this splendid and fragile cotton.

Here it is!

Here is the Wrap from EASTMARK.


Product Specifications

Cotton Wrap

Material:                        Polyethylene
Type:                              Stretch Film
Usage:                           Agriculture
Feature:                         Water Soluble
Hardness:                      Soft
Processing:                   Blow Molding
Transparency:              Opaque
Place of Origin:             China
Model Number:             Protective film
Length:                           50~2000m
Width:                             2700mm
Thickness:                      75um
Color:                              Amarelo
Print:                               Optional Printing
Heat resistance:         -20°C +60°C
Elongation::                   ≥300
Adhesive strength::     5-1500 g/25mm

Supply Ability: 10.000.000 Square meters by month.

Packaging & Delivery:

  • Packaging Details: Packed individual or in pallets
  • Port:          SHANGHAI
  • 9 rolls per pallet (216 rolls by container 40"). 250 rolls/container 40" if without pallet.
  • Container of 40” contain 24 pallets. 24 wraps per roll.


  • P360° PROTECTION over the edge overage:Anti-Water & wind & dirty.
  • UV Protection and designed to last 6 months outdoors.
  • Plastic core with load side identification for the machine.
  • Nova cola especial adaptada e garantida para todos os tipos de climas.
  • Excellent puncture abrasion and tear resistance ability.
  • QR code on Each Sticker/Tag tome identification easier.
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). 4 Tags by wrap, from ultimate generation.
  • Every wrap portion includes 4 RFID tags to track the individual module through harvesting and processing all integrated with the electronics system of the JD On board Module cotton harvesters..
  • Arquivo eletrônico contendo a lista de fardos, rolos e paletes identificados por um número de série exclusivo, facilitando o rastreamento do lote.
  • Recyclable environment friendly.

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